Weekly Sunday Class in Arlington, VA


Hatha Yoga Level 2 ClasS

11a-12:30p Sundays

In the Sun & Moon Yoga Studio lexicon, a Level 2 class presumes a student has taken at least a beginning level (Level 1) yoga class. The focus is on refining the basics with more detailed alignment instructions than a student would receive in Level 1. In our Level 2 Sunday class together, we do just that.

Inside that framework? We're playful. We tinker and experiment with what it's like to listen for guidance from within, informed by intelligent, safe, breath-driven, customized alignment that adapts to each student's unique requirements. If you show up for class, I'll meet you exactly where you are.

Every class begins with a quiet opening centering/meditation. Most classes include a combination of relaxed, dynamic movement alongside some static postures where inquiry into breath can serve as the best teacher to inform healthy alignment. Now and again we drill down into a particular anatomical area to learn about reinforcing healthy alignment habits for one region of the body. Regardless of the class theme, we work inside the big picture recognition that the practice of yoga as inquiry into truth.

This is a breath-focused, slow- to moderately-paced class. We begin and end with an accessible meditation (or similar contemplative practice) and centering. In the middle, the focus is on healthy alignment foundations within the context of a breath-centric practice. Even within the context of a group class, I’m big on offering tools, tips, and encouragement in support of your own self-practice.


Fall 2019 Session
8 Sept - 22 Dec

Drop-ins are always welcome. Once registration for the current term closes, Sun & Moon Yoga Studio single or multi-class passes are always available.  

This is not a fast-paced class, but it is not “sleepy” either. We pause frequently to savor the aftertaste of the poses. I almost always include a brief freeform chapter for at least a few minutes near the end of class before a closing posture and savasana. This mini-freeform detour can be an empowering bit of time to cultivate your yoga and experience that it is possible to have a yoga practice without an external teacher. You're set loose for a few minutes to practice, attending to guidance from your inner teacher—who is infinitely more competent than I could ever be at knowing what is appropriate for you.

If you'd like to know more about my 'style' of teaching and what informs it, there's information that here.

Contact me if you have questions or want to figure out if this class is right for you.