Weekly Sunday Class

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio
Arlington VA

Sundays, 11a

Each Sunday I offer a Hatha Level 2 class (with a Freedom Yoga twist) at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio in Arlington, Virginia. This is a breath-focused, slow- to moderately-paced class. We begin and end with an accessible meditation/centering. In the middle, the focus is on healthy alignment foundations within the context of a breath-centric practice geared strongly in the direction of encouraging deep inner listening. Even within the context of a group class, I’m keen on offering tools, tips, and encouragement in support of the development of your own self-practice. It’s such fun to do this together! We pause to explore options within patterns and shapes. And we savor the aftertaste of the poses and sequences. I include a brief “freeform chapter” for at least a few minutes near the end of class before a closing posture and savasana. That’s when you're set free to practice briefly without instruction, attending to guidance from your inner teacher — who is infinitely more competent than I could ever be at knowing what is appropriate for you.

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Mindful Unplug Experience

Feathered Pipe Ranch
Helena MT

11-18 July 2020

Mindfulness is a potent practice fostering equanimity and peace in an unsettled, noisy world. Unplugging mindfully helps reclaim those qualities of ease that can become diluted in the hectic whirl of our over-scheduled lives.

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Schedule permitting, I am available now and again for limited one-on-one instruction. I love working this way! Contact me if you’re interested to see if we can make it work.