Weekly Sunday Class

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio
Arlington VA

Sundays, 11a

Each Sunday I offer a Hatha Level 2 class (with a Freedom Yoga twist) at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio in Arlington, Virginia. This is a breath-focused, slow- to moderately-paced class. We begin and end with an accessible meditation and centering. In the middle, the focus is on healthy alignment foundations within the context of a breath-centric practice. Even within the context of a group class, I’m big on offering tools, tips, and encouragement in support of your own self-practice. It’s such fun to do this together! We pause frequently to explore options within patterns and shapes. And we savor the aftertaste of the poses and sequences. I include a brief “freeform chapter” for at least a few minutes near the end of class before a closing posture and savasana. That’s when you're set free to practice briefly without instruction, attending to guidance from your inner teacher — who is infinitely more competent than I could ever be at knowing what is appropriate for you. Learn more here. Register for the current term here.

Compassion & Resilience: A Short Course for Wobbly Times

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio
Arlington VA

Every Weds in February 2019, 645p

Resilience is a built-in capacity in the human brain that helps us face, and cope with, challenges and crises that come with being human. Meanwhile, the practice of compassion - toward self and others - is a powerful agent of brain change as well; it helps to shift our responses from rumination and fear over our own, and the collective, human condition to a more empowering mind-state that enables positive action.Whether you’re facing an ongoing personal challenge or simply find yourself discouraged and overwhelmed by the state of the world, cultivating some simple resilience and compassion skills is a worthwhile investment in your emotional and physical health. This four-week short course will introduce you to user-friendly, accessible practices - involving movement, compassion-based meditation, and practical mindfulness skills - to nourish your inner resilience and capacity for compassion. Learn more here.

The Mindful Unplug Experience

Feathered Pipe Ranch
Helena MT

13-20 July 2019

Mindfulness is a potent practice fostering equanimity and peace in an unsettled, noisy world. Unplugging mindfully helps reclaim those qualities of ease that can become diluted in the hectic whirl of our over-scheduled lives. At this fourth running of our popular homegrown Feathered Pipe Ranch retreat, we’ll explore the “power of the pause.” This is more than a yoga retreat or a ‘digital detox’: it’s a joyful week of mindful sensory awareness facilitated by accessible, breath-focused yoga and mindful movement, user-friendly meditation, as well as creative visual and sound sessions that make the most of our spacious Big Sky setting. Learn more here.

Schedule permitting, I am available now and again for limited one-on-one instruction. I love working this way! Contact me if you’re interested to see if we can make it work.